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Real Name
Current Alias

Miles Warren (creator and genetic progenitor);
Jackal (Clone #1), Jackal (Clone #2), Jackal (Clone #3), Warren Miles (fellow clones, deceased);

Miles Warrens (fellow clones)
Base of Operations
Living Status
Serial killer
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The original Carrion sought to destroy Spider-Man, somehow knowing that his secret identity was Peter Parker. He unsuccessfully approached the Maggia with a plan to kill Spider-Man. He attacked Peter Parker, blaming him for the death of Gwen Stacy.[1]

Carrion sought to destroy Parker/Spider-Man several times before capturing Spider-Man and revealing to him that he was a decayed clone of Professor Miles Warren, also known as the Jackal. Warren had created the clone and left it in a capsule to mature to full development; however Warren had then (seemingly) died and the clone was left developing in the capsule with artificially accelerated age. Something went wrong and the clone's body became like a living corpse. As Warren's clone, Carrion blamed Spider-Man for the deaths of both Warren and Gwen Stacy and sought to bring him to justice. Carrion captured Peter Parker and prepared to kill him with a giant "Spider-Amoeba" created by cloning cells from Parker. However Parker freed himself and became Spider-Man. In the subsequent fight a fire consumed the laboratory whilst the amoeba latched onto Carrion. The Spider-Amoeba suffocated Carrion, smothering him to death, and then unable to escape it perished in the fire.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[4]
Energy Projection2
Fighting Skills2
* Teleporter


Carrion had superhuman strength, healing, speed, and durability, and could reduce the density of his body to become virtually intangible. He could disintegrate organic matter to ash just by touching it. He also had the powers of telepathy, self-levitation, and telekinesis of organic matter.



Carrion developed a chemical substance called Red Dust which can either render a victim unconscious, or act as a corrosive acid that can burn through flesh, metal, and other substances. Carrion had access to the scientific equipment used by Miles Warren in his "cloning" experiments.


  • Carrion's intelligence on the Power Grid is higher than that of the original Miles Warren.

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