This history of this version of Miles Warren is presumably similar to his mainstream counterpart with the biggest difference being an absence of a Sliding Timescale.

He was a professor at Empire State University, and two of his students were Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Warren was annoyed at Parker for often showing up late for his classes.[1]

Warren later quit being a professor and created his own bio-engineering company called Scipro-Genesis with Gwen as his lab assistant. One day, he was asked by Norman Osborn to create a clone of himself to pin crimes he was sentenced for so he could one day go free and a clone of Peter for Norman to groom as his heir. Warren agreed but also secretly created a clone of Gwen; he kept all three clones in stasis pods. After becoming infatuated with Gwen, Warren kidnapped her and switched her out with the Gwen clone. Norman eventually learned that Warren was going against his instructions and sent his son Harry Osborn to confront Warren while disguised as the Black Goblin. Harry discovered the clone Warren created, including the clone of Peter, and attacked the real Peter out of jealously. Harry then decided to destroy the clones. Warren, in a panic, revealed how he switched out the real Gwen for the clone he created and that she was in the stasis pod. Peter tried to rescue her, but he was too late.[2]

What became of Warren afterward is unknown. Eventually, he died of unrevealed circumstances.[3]


Seemingly those of the Miles Warren of Earth-616.

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