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Dr. Miles Warren is a biologist. Along with his assistant Debra Whitman, Dr. Warren joined his older brother Aaron Warren, Dr. Curt Connors, and Dr. Martha Connors in scientific research at the E.S.U. Labs. They had just recieved a grant from Norman Osborn. Warren based his genetic research on Dr. Connors' work with lizard DNA against Connors' wishes.[1]

When Kraven the Hunter tracked Spider Man's scent to ESU labs, Warren offered to alter Kraven's genetics for a large sum of money. Kraven agreed, and Dr. Warren used the same procedure that caused Dr. Connors to become the Lizard to mutate Kraven into a jungle cat-like creature.[2]

Eddie Brock stole a vial of Dr. Connors' gene cleanser. Dr. Warren spoke to the college board and plotted to take away the Connors control of the lab.

In one of Norman Osborn's old laboratories, Dr. Warren used Mark Allan as an upgraded experiment from Dr. Otto Octavius' previous Sandman experiment. He injected a thermal suit into Mark Allan which turned him into Molten Man. Dr. Warren then convinced Mark Allan that the suit could only be controlled by sheer force of will, but it could actually only be controlled by a remote held by the Green Goblin. [3]

Later Dr. Connors discovered Warren's research and threatened to take this to the college board. Dr. Warren retaliated by threatening to inform them about his human limb regeneration project that turned him into The Lizard.[4]

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