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Miles Warren was a member of Man-Wolf's gang of criminals and worked on getting rid of Spider-Woman after she began interfering with their operations. Warrens worked as the brains and medic of the gang's operations, and formulated a plan to take down Spider-Woman by sending goons to attack her and analyzing battle moves and collected samples from her fights.[1] Spider-Woman managed to track Man-Wolf down to his hideout and defeat him before leaving the lycanthrope criminal for the police, while Warren managed to escape custody.[2]

Jackal's Revenge

Sometime after Man-Wolf's arrest, Warren appeared again with the spider sample he collected from Spider-Woman, swearing to succeed in destroying Spider-Woman where his former boss had failed.[3] Warren was later confronted by Man-Wolf after he was released from jail by his father and admitted to being responsible for giving Man-Wolf his lyncanthrope powers, before being coerced by Jameson to make his powers permanent.[4] Warren was later confronted by his 616 counterpart after he ventured into his world to capture Spider-Woman and was disturbed by his counterpart's obsession with the heroine before agreeing to help capture her. The two Warrens lured Spider-Woman into a trap and captured her, but Warren made the mistake of mocking his counterpart's obsession with Spider-Woman and was quickly killed by his counterpart for his disrespect.[5]

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