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This clone of Miles Warren, a.k.a. the Jackal, was sent by his progenitor to work with Adriana Soria, a.k.a. the Queen, in his place.[1]

After turning Steve Rogers into a monstrous spider creature named Spider-King at Soria's behest,[2][3] he assembled every person infected with the Spider-Virus who used their newfound powers for evil purposes to give them each a Spider-Man's Suit and order them to wreak havoc in the city.[4] While his "Spider-Men" followed his orders, the Jackal clone filled Spider-King with two thousands mutated spiders,[5] which the Spider-King would later release after being taken by Agent Venom to his headquarters in order to spread the virus throughout the rest of the country. However, his plan failed as the Spider-King was defeated and the mutant spiders destroyed.[6]

Upon learning that the Horizon Labs were devising a cure using the Anti-Venom symbiote, the Jackal clone sent Tarantula (Kaine) to the Horizon Labs to destroy it, but Tarantula fell into a tank containing the cure while fighting Spider-Man and returned to his original form, albeit without the cellular degeneration. Furious for his failures, the Spider-Queen killed him with a sonic scream.[7]

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