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Miles Warren(s), Miles, The Jackal's Men, The Jackal's Six "Miles" Wide Gang[1]
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Several Dr. Miles Warrens who were killed by the Spider-Queen, possibly including Miles #6, and others Dr. Miles Warrens
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When the Queen sought the Jackal's help to take over the world, he created numerous clones of himself to assist him in the creation of a virus that would allow her to do so.[2]

After the Jackal failed to stop Horizon Labs from creating a cure for the Spider-Virus through the Anti-Venom symbiote, many of his clones were killed by the Spider-Queen.[3]

Following the Queen's death, a team of clones led by the Jackal collected DNA samples from her corpse.[4]

Sibling Rivalry

One of Miles' clones assisted him in the creation of the Mutant-Powered Spider-Clones, and in the capture of both Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider.[5] The clone was eventually killed by the Scarlet Spider.[6]

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