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Several Dr. Miles Warrens who work at New U Technologies, including the real Miles Warren[1]
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This batch of Miles Warren clones was created by Ben Reilly to trick the real Miles Warren into thinking he was a clone as punishment for using him to find a cure for the cellular degradation caused by his new cloning procedure.

They were convinced to work for Reilly as payment for the pills he devised to keep their cellular degeneration at bay. With their assistance, Reilly built New U Technologies in hopes of using their cloning technology for good.[1]

All of them died due to a signal set off by Reilly to destabilize the bodies of New U's clones worldwide, and cause a Carrion Virus outbreak with the intention of bringing every single person back as a clone once they had died.[2]


Pill Dependence: In order to prevent their bodies from breaking down due the cellular degradation caused by a flaw in the Miles Warren's new cloning process, his clones have to ingest daily a pill provided by the Jackal.[1]

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