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During World War II, Miles von Croff discovered the secret of the Loch Ness – that the Loch contained underwater entrances and channels leading to the Atlantic Ocean. When the war ended, he made an alliance with Sir Gavin Ravenlock, who housed von Croff’s U-boat in the basement of the so-called “Tower of Terror” on his property near Castle Ravenlock where one of the underwater passages led. Becoming a pirate, von Croff began raiding vessels while Ravenlock masqueraded as the ghost of his ancestor, Black Hugh Ravenlock, to keep people away from the tower.

Miles eventually adopted the persona of Mycroft, a psychic detective who investigated paranormal phenomena alongside Countess Caution, and his ward, Rachel MacGregor. When Nick Fury came to investigate the death of his friend, Ken Astor, on the moors, Mycroft held a séance at the castle to contact the “ghost.” Gavin appeared, posing as the ghost of Black Hugh again, and tried to kill Rachel, but Fury drove him away. Mycroft then tracked down Ravenlock on the moors and had the hound killed him to throw off suspicions.

When Fury and Rachel discovered his U-boat base beneath the Tower of Terror, Mycroft attacked Rachel. Fury fought him off, and he ran for the iron maiden which concealed the entrance to the U-boat dock; however, the “Hell-Hound” he and Ravenlock had fashioned struck the iron maiden’s door shut before he could open the rear, and he was killed instantly. The tower was subsequently destroyed by Nick Fury, having sabotaged the submarine’s fuel lines.[1]

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Miles von Croff was a trained submarine officer and a master of duplicity.[1]

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