Milla was a fellow Asgardian along with her friends, Daldan and Giri. They thought that the worship of gods was nothing more than nonsense.[1] However, as Asgard fell under a destructive winter, several Asgardians begun to riot.[2] Following the injury of Thor, the rebells started making havoc. Milla, feeling rensposibility towards Asgard, begun fighting the rebels, only for her to be saved by the god of war, Tyr. As Tyr and Sif argued with one another, Milla tried pass through the riot, but ended up being heavily injured and after arriving at the room where Tyr and Sif were arguing, she informed them of situation and collapsed to her death. Her death motivated Sif and Tyr to leave their dispute behind and fight. Following the end of the riot and the restoration of Valhalla, Milla found herself on Valhalla and met Undar.[3]


Possesses the conventional superhuman physical attributes of an Asgardian goddess.

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