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  • Hanover modelling agency
  • Millie's apartment
  • Top Top Skydiver's School
  • J.R. Winterbottom's office



Synopsis for "Sky-Diving Sweethearts!"

At the agency the models do a shoot with new sports fashions on a fake mountain top. Burt arrives and promises to show them the real skies. On Saturday the gang all drive to a sky-diving school to train and then make a jump. The women soon master the training and are ready for a real jump whilst Howard takes a call from a client, J.R. Winterbottom, asking for the fashion pictures to be delivered to today. Lurking about is Slick Wiley, who hopes to steal the photos and secure the contact for his own agency. Chili comes acoss him in the cloakroom, preventing him from stealing Howard's case and so Wiley instead uses a fake telephone call to send Howard driving off to Winterbottom's mountain cabin. Clicker tells the others where Howard has gone, but Chili smells a rat. They all confront Wiley who admits the phonecall was fake and it now means Howard will miss the deadline and Wiley gets the contract. As Wiley heads off, Clicker confids in the others that Howard has lost a lot of money and without more soon he may have to close the agency. Millie suggests a way to save things - they will fly after Howard and parachute down. Burt, Millie and Toni take off in a plane whilst Clicker, Chili and Jill drive to Winterbottom's office to stall for time. When the plane spots Howard's car, Millie parachutes down and explains the situation. There is no time to drive back so Millie and Howad board the plane and fly back to New York, booking a rental car in advance. They reach the office in time, causing Wiley to let slip about his scheme. Winterbottom dismisses Wiley, gives Howard the contact and invites them all to dinner.


  • The second chapter of the story is labelled "The Wildest Blue Yonder!". The third chapter is "Chase in the Sky!".
  • Fashions in the main story include those designed by readers Trixie Flink, Carole Ames and Mary Bode.
  • This issue features a letters page, Millie's Marvelous Mail, answered by Millie herself. Letters are published from Charlotte Real, Anne Milliken, Patty Di Cristina, Joan Black and Madeline Familo.
  • This issue contains several pages featuring readers' designs:
    • Millie's Heavenly Hair-do's features hair-dos by readers Marion Zamost, Linda Perrone, Jan Goddard, Susan Bod, Katen Driver, Janet Johnson, Kathy Blackwell and Lauina Combo.
    • Millie's Fall Fashion Forecast! features designs by readers Susan Harvey, Patricia O'Nill, Judith Raddue and Barry Gleen.
    • Chili's Swinging Styles features designs by readers Doris Craig, Ann Wooley, Coreen Christy and Molly Putre.
    • Bring on the Boys features designs by readers Cilla Carter, Deborah Fein, Wendy Waisala and Judy Wolcott.

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