Born to a longtime marine family, Milo Fields' destiny laid in the military. During the Somali Civil War, he was among a group of Marines sent in aboard Blackhawk helicopters to deliver aid. During the delivery, his helicopter was shot down and he was taken hostage. Held for eleven days, four of his fellow soldiers were tortured to death until a couple of military police stumbled on the hideout by accident, scaring Milo's captors away and freeing him. While recuperating at a military hospital on Ramstein Air Base, Milo was convinced to sign away his story, which was eventually cleaned up, glamorized, and made into a Hollywood movie.[2]

After recovering and being discharged from the marines, Milo became a war protester. Though he supported the war, he was angry over how the conflict was being portrayed, angry over how it was being glamorized in order to garner new recruits into the army. During one anti-war rally a gunman opened fire, hitting Milo in the spine and leaving him paralyzed. When the call went out for civilians wanting to join the Initiative and gain super-powers, Milo joined in the hope of being able to serve his country once again.[2]

After a number of the initial recruits for the Order were fired over inappropriate conduct, Milo was brought onto the team. Given a large mechanical suit and the codename "Supernaut", Milo became a key member of the Order, killing several Soviet scientists whose minds were directing the Cold War-era robots to start a nuclear war when a teammate Calamity couldn't bring himself to deliver the killing blow. He also distinguished himself when the team fought an army of zobos, and helped in tracking down mutated desert creatures, helping to protect teammate Aralune after her powers and his own suit were disabled.[3]


Relies on the giant robot armor he wears but also possesses a neural network which allows him to control the armor as well as connect to the stark dataspine.[4]


Taught in military training




Uses a giant robot armed with heavy artillery


Wheelchair, robot.


Heavy artillery weapons, sidearms

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