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Milo Gunderson was a superhumanly strong young man[3] with a child like mind who was largely unaware of his powers and who's body developed quickly, faster than his heart was able to grow, he was cared for by his parents who struggled to look out for him and kept him unregistered with the government. His mind and body were overridden by Silas Burr, who told Milo he was a friend named Cyber before taking control of his body and killing his father.[4]

The Cyber controlled Milo then approached the Tinkerer and paid him to have Milo's body laced with Adamantium.[5] He also contacted Wolverine's son Daken and told him his father was in Brussels. He arrived as Daken and Wolverine were fighting and began targeting Daken, having taken over Milo's body to aid in getting revenge against him and Romulus[6]

After quickly gaining the upper hand in his fight with Daken, Cyber questioned him on the whereabouts of his master. Daken refused to answer and managed to flee, leaving Cyber and Wolverine alone. During the following battle, Cyber suffered from a heart attack, as Milo had a weak heart. Wolverine, upon discovering that Silas had previously instructed Daken, and was capable of tracking his location, spared him in exchange for information. As Silas revealed how he had met the mysterious man known as "Hudson", his condition worsened, and Wolverine was forced to bring him to the Tinkerer to help him with the needed treatment.[7] Agreeing to construct an artificial pacemaker to stabilize Cyber's heart condition in exchange for the use of Logan's mysterious Carbonadium Synthesizer, The Tinkerer unwittingly affixed the radioactive device to Cyber's chest, before Logan disappeared with the C-Synth and tossed it from a bridge into the water below.[8]

Not long after, Cyber was deceived by Daken, as Cyber seemingly succumbed to the poisonous effects of the carbonadium pacemaker, Milo's weak heart, or both and collapsed in pain as Daken stepped on his medication. He was left for dead by both Daken and Wolverine as Milo's body died.[9]



Milo Gunderson possessed superhuman strength gained through unknown means.[3][10]


Milo had a weak heart whose growth didn't keep pace with the rest of his body when it grew, as noticed by Cyber.[7] He was also "mentally-challenged".[3]


  • The source of Gunderson's powers remains unrevealed, his parents spoke about him being unregistered in reference to the Superhuman Registration Act[10] which mutants were widely exempt from. Detectives investigating the murder of Gunderson's father mentioned him growing 'fast' which placed strain on his heart, raising the possibility that he might have been a Mutate.[7]

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