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Not much is known about the man known as the Trickster, however by 1949 he was a well known criminal. He was able to deduce that Fred Davis Jr. was really Bucky, the side kick to Captain America. When Fred was released from the hospital following his recovery from the gunshot wound, the Trickster and his men captured both Fred and his friend Jeff Mace.

Intending to lure Captain America into a trap, the Trickster released Mace (unaware that he was really Captain America himself) and sent him to send the message. Jeff instead changes into Captain America and caught the Trickster and his men by surprise. The Trickster attempted to crush Cap and Bucky on a hydrolic lift, but the pair freed themselves and easily trounced the Trickster and his gang. Spraying down the Trickster with a fire hose they forced him to surrender and he was turned over to the authorities.[2]

Escaping jail, the Trickster then decided to devise a number of intricate crimes that were fitting of his name. Using a truck with a hidden catapult he and his gang robbed the First Merchants Bank. They later escaped in a helicopter and a blimp disguised as a cloud. Captain America was called in to stop the villain and soon he had a story about a gold shipment from the treasury department was coming out of the National Bank. Sure enough the Trickster took the bait and succeeded in stealing what he thought was a safe full of gold. However when they opened it, they found Captain America inside who easily apprehended the Trickster and his gang who were taken back into police custody.[3]

The Trickster's subsequent fate is unknown.



The Trickster used a number of specially rigged devices and vehicles to commit his crime. Such as a shipping truck with hidden catapult, and a blimp that could create a cover of mist that made it appear as a cloud.


The Trickster carried a pistol.

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