Quote1 Oh, Cap, you won't remember me, but you visited our base when my old unit was in Afghanistan. Quote2
-- The Mimic src


The Mimic was a prototype Super-Soldier, said to be one of the first of many "Next Generation" Super-Soldiers created to eventually replace the New Ultimates.


When the New Ultimates derailed the train which was transporting the Mimic, as well as the other Super-Soldiers, his containment unit was ruptured and he was mortally wounded. He managed to have a brief conversation with the New Ultimates, telling Captain America how much he admired and respected him, before he died in Scott Lang's arms.[1]


Mimic was supposed to possess various powers. He has demonstrated the ability to increase his size via an unknown process.


No control over his powers. Also, his increasing-size power seems to be painful.

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