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The Asgardian known as Mimir was the child of Buri and brother of Bor, father of Odin and the Asgardians.

Some legends note him as the son of Bestla (Odin's mother) or Bolthorn (Bestla's father), or even Bolthorn's brother (thus possibly Ymir's grandson.[4]

Aesir/Vanir War

He was given by Odin to the Vanir as a peace hostage during the Aesir/Vanir War. For unknown reasons, the Vanir decapitated him and send his living, talking head back to Odin.[2]

Odin who transformed him into a fiery being. Thereafter, Mimir existed mostly as a disembodied head that dwelled in the Well of Wisdom in Asgard.[citation needed]

Odin sacrificed his right eye to Mimir for the wisdom to prevent Ragnarök.[5] Mimir was a virtually omniscient being with precognitive abilities. Thor often traveled to Hildstalf, to seek out the wisdom from the Well of Mimir. Thor sacrificed both his eyes for insight on how to permanently stop Ragnarok.[6]


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Omniscience and precognitive powers[6]


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