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Mindfulness of Mutant Appearances
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MMA, Rejects, RejeX
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Beak, Bling!, Briquette, Domino, Doop, Eye-Boy, Kylun, Maggott, Marrow, Nightcrawler, Stacy X, Thumbelina, Toad
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A support group set up by Domino and Nightcrawler for mutants unable to pass a human
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Quote1 Lets close with affirmations. Everyone, please repeat after me: "When I look to humans to dictate who I should be or how I should look, I reject who I am. I deserve to be alive. I look exactly the way I'm supposed to." Quote2
-- Nightcrawler


Mindfulness of Mutant Appearances is a support group organized by Domino and Nightcrawler for Mutants who are unable to pass as ordinary humans. The group is open to both hero and villains with all having to sign an agreement at the door that there will be no fighting, a rule enforced by Nightcrawler.[1]

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