Along with Clearcut, Mindmeld was employed by Shinobi Shaw as a personal bodyguard and protector. When X-Force interfered with Shinobi's plans, Mindmeld used her powers to switch the bodies of the team, giving her group the advantage.

After Clear-Cut's betrayal, Mindmeld immediately attacked him, placing her mind into her former ally's body. She then proceeded to knock herself out, and when she awoke, she found herself in Shinobi's new experiment chamber. Shinobi was willing to test his machine on Clear-Cut, despite Mindmeld currently inhabiting his body. She eventually returned to her former body, but found an Inhibitor Collar around her neck. Meltdown then knocked her unconscious.[1]

It is unknown if she returned to the service Shinobi Shaw after she was betrayed, nor if she retained her powers after the Decimation.


  • Telepathy
    • Neuralkinesis: Mindmeld had the ability to displace the brain wave patterns of herself and others, allowing her to swap bodies with others. She has also been known to put the minds of her enemies into animals, such as rats.[1]

  • Mindmeld was consistently referred to with feminine pronouns, while the body she inhabited seemingly had masculine features.[1] There are many theories for this, one being that she identified as a woman, but felt most comfortable in a masculine body and as such, stayed in one; however, there is no certainty to the body's gender, her sexuality, nor if the body she was shown inhabiting was even originally hers.

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