In the psychic Mindscape, Cobweb and demons such as the Agents of Despair, the Bad Ideas, the Cannibak, Depression, the Mindspawn (N'ogskak, Sk'obe, Sv'ara, T'opalli, and Esk'odin), Manic and Paranoia dwelt there, feeding off the thoughts and dreams of mortals, and were opposed by the Sleepwalkers.

It is uncertain if the Mindscape and the Nightmare realms overlap, of if some of these demons also served Nightmare,[1] though Ian McNee's researchs (as well as other authors) stated that Nightmare was set in the Archipelago of Anguish and Redemption, while the Mindscape was located in the Celestial Concordance,[3] or Cosmic Concordance.[2]


History of location is unknown.


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