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Mindspinner was one of many clones created from Miles Morales, whom the Assessor had captured and experimented on, along with his brothers Shift and Selim. Mindspinner wasn't able to speak but developed psionic abilities, the Assessor nearly killed him while trying to drawing them out on his younger days.[2] Mindspinner and his brothers escaped and tried to find a way to stay alive as they were not going to last due to their unstable cells and rapid aging process, the clones kidnapped a scientist and robbed a warehouse in order to make a cure.[3]

Encountering Miles

Mindspinner and Selim later went to rescue their brother Shift when he fought the original Miles Morales and Peter Parker who were trying to investigate who committed all those crimes in the name of Spider-Man. When Miles ignored Selim's warning to stay way from them he and his brothers attacked Miles and Parker, leaving them unconscious while they escaped.[1]

After learning that the original Miles found their secret refuge and broke the cure they were making to stabilize themselves (as he wrongly believed it was a formula to make more clones), Mindspinner and his brothers brutally beated miles and webbed him up. Realizing his mistake, Miles tried to tell the brothers he could help but both Mindspinner and Selim didn't believe him, with Selim telling Miles that the they would go kill his mother, leaving Shift to guard Spider-Man.

In reality, only Mindspinner went to the Brooklyn University Hospital to attack Miles's mom as a distraction while Selim went to get Miles' baby sister. Miles was freed from his captivity by Shift and arrived just in time to stop Mindspinner from hurting his mother, Mindspinner used his psionic powers but Miles already got used to the pain, forcing him to rely only on his brute force. Miles tried to convince Mindspinner that he could help him but he refused right before being beaten by Miles' Venom Blast.[2]

Protecting Shift

Selim would eventually took Miles' sister to the Brooklyn Bridge and forced Miles to fight him. Just as his brother was about to be beaten, Mindspinner arrived and attacked Miles with his powers, leaving Selim free to take Miles' sister and drop her from the bridge. However, the baby girl was saved by Shift, who had a change of heart and was on Miles side. As Selim prepared to kill Shift for his betrayal, Mindspinner stopped him and fought Selim, claiming that they can't hurt Shift, Selim then attacked him and the two died on an explosion caused by Selim's venom blast.[4]



  • Psionic Powers: Mindspinner could hurt people with his mind, using telepathic attacks, though people can build some kind of endurance to it.[1][2]
  • Spider Legs: Mindspinner had some spider legs that grew from his back, he can use this to his advantage in combat.[2][4]

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