Mindwave was a very powerful telekinetic and minor telepath who amused the officers of a Las Vegas, Nevada police precinct by claiming he was there to officially protest the Registration Act and stating that his codename was different from the man who was called "Mind Hyphen Wave.
Mindwave (Telepath) (Earth-616) from Thunderbolts Vol 1 116 0001

Mindwave attacks the police station

" He then used his powers to destroy the station and kill the officers present before calmly surrendering to the Thunderbolts.[1]

Mindwave was escorted to a cell in Thunderbolts Mountain. When the guards walked away, he began a telepathic conversation with fellow prisoners Caprice, Bluestreak and Mirage. Together, the four attempted to gain intel on the prison so that they could plan an escape and kill all the Thunderbolts after driving them insane. He suggested that it would be fun to interfere with the surgery scheduled to be performed on Bullseye and when Radioactive Man and Songbird discovered the truth about the Caged Angels and he was the one who induced the Radioactive Man to threaten to give everyone cancer. However, Bullseye recovered from his surgery while Mindwave was focusing on the other Thunderbolts, and killed Mindwave and his allies in their cells using thrown scalpels.[2]


Telekinesis: Mindwave was a very powerful telekinetic, with the ability to destroy structures and halt and redirect hails of bullets in mid-flight.

Telepathy: He also had some measure of telepathic ability, which he used to converse with his fellow prisoners and combine his power with theirs, in an attempt to destroy Thunderbolts by driving them insane.


Mindwave wore a costume composed of dark body armor and a helmet resembling a gas mask.

  • Mindwave has specifically noted that his name doesn't have a hyphen to distance himself from the original Mind-Wave.[1]

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