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Mini-Cerebros are small portable versions of Cerebro used on the field.[1]


In order to find Angel, Storm used a Mini-Cerebro given to her by Charles Xavier, and programmed with Angel's brainwave patterns.[1]

During New Mutants' Roberto Da Costa runaway, Magneto equipped "Madrox" with one of them, in order to find the fugue boy in Manhattan.[2]

When Madrox went rogue in the Fallen Angels, the team used the device to locate Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy on their homeworld, lost team-mates, or even prove the mutancy of the latent mutant Chance and of the alien Ariel, and the mutation of a Madrox duplicate between him and his original source.[3]

After the Fallen Angels disbands, it is unknown who kept the mutant detector.

Shadowcat built one as well for Excalibur.[4]

Forge also made Mini-Cerebros, one of them was given Jean Grey for to contact X-Haven in case of trouble.[5]


Seemingly those of Cerebro.

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