Doctor Doom developed this short-barreled weapon that could be attached to any of the gauntlets of his armor[1] or to his Doombots.[2] The device was hidden until Doom used it.[3] It shot a short-range, heart-seeking missile that self-destructed if it overcame its range.[1] If it collided with a wall, the mini-missile had a powerful black blast.[2] The clip held up to three mini-missiles.[1]

Doom once armed one of his Doombots with this device and sent it to the Avengers Mansion. The Doombot found Avengers Sandman and Vision, and shot them one of the missiles. Vision avoided it reducing his mass to minimum so that the projectile went through his body; Sandman used his powers to create a hole for the missile to pass. Vision tried to warn Sandman of the back blast, but he was too slow: The blast scattered Sandman's sand-like body and slammed Vision. Vision recovered and confronted the Doombot again; when the Doombot shot him the other two missiles, Vision increased his mass up to ten times the density of depleted Uranium and resisted the impacts.[3]

After defeating the Doombot, the Avengers impounded the launcher. However, Doom retained the plans in the Latverian Embassy in New York City.[1]

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