The Minion cyborg was created by AIM scientist Dr Evelyn Necker in the year 2020 AD of alternate future of Earth-8410 and was sent into the timestream to absorb the knowledge and capabilities of 106 specific individuals in order to complete his programming. Unfortunately, when Minion eliminated the mechanoid bounty hunter Death's Head and assimilated his mind into himself, the process scrambled his programming, leaving him with a new personality and with the personalities of all 105 of his victims active in his mind.[2]

Regaining of control of his mind

Assisted in regaining control of himself by Reed Richards of Earth-616, and with the original Death's Head's personality now having asserted partial control, Minion —now 'Death's Head'— went out to make a life for himself, first alone and later partnered with the woman named Tuck.[3]


Death's Head and Tuck were hired by the people of Numeropolis to retrieve an intelligent gun which was stolen by Colonel Liger.[4] They were able to find him on a planet at the Saphire Lotus, the city's energy. Demanding the gun, Liger shot Death's Head in face instead which enraged the cyborg, until an army of alien soldiers came to retrieve the Lotus.[5] The Warheads were able to chanel the Lotus' energies to blast both the army and Death's Head, but he recovered, while more of the soldiers began piling up. Then the powerful being known as Audit came to attack them, Death's Head pretended to offer Tuck as a sacrifice to him in order to distract him as the Warheads used the Lotus to blast the being. After that Liger shot both Death's Head and Tuck again with his gun, and after recovering decided to steal the Lotus.[6]


He teamed up the X-Men against Wrathchilde who was empowered by the Sapphire Lotus, an artifact of power created by Phaedra.[7]


Death's Head went to monastery in the Himalayas training assassins. He was hired by Crowe to capture Killpower. He and Tuck were able to track him Killpower down who was on the Kamuni Atoll with Motormouth. However, both Death's Head and Killpower were then captured and then taken to the Colosseum to participate the games held by Termagent and Megaira.[8] The duo were forced to become partners in order to survive eventually facing Wolverine and Sabretooth. The carnage caused attracted the being Battletide which prompted Death's Head to join forces with the other heroes to stop the demon.[3] Termagent and Megaira merged into Termagaira and then with their parent Battletide. Killpower then fused the remains of the Temploids with Death's Head who used his power to collapse Battletide within itself. This caused Death's Head to get destroyed, but was rebuilt by Killpower on the Kamuni Atoll, albeit with a few missing parts.[9]

Dark Angel

Death's Head somehow was warped in the Inner Space where he came across Romeo who was transporting a fragment of fabric of the universe. After learning that Romeo was highly sought after by Mys-Tech, and by Dark Angel, alongside the Encoders, he absorbed Romeo, along with the fabric giving him reality warping powers. He then used his new found powers to teleport himself to a burger joint.[10] He eventually slipped into a state of bliss, but was apprehanded by Mys-Tech's Techno-Wizards and trapped him inside a force cage. However, he enlarged the Techno-Wizard's natural body parasites to attack them, and then Dark Angel helped him escape the cage. Unfortunately, he was then transported across dimensions into the presence of Anti-Being.[11] The Anti-Being sought to go to Earth's dimension and attacked Death's Head. The cyborg absorbed Anti-Being, which was exactly what he wanted and began taking control of Death's Head's absorbed personalities. While Death's Head tried to fight the demon inside him, Dark Angel and her ally Guide extracted Romeo's personality off Death's Head. The maddened Death's Head was eventually able to take the upper hand and set off to terrorize some galaxies.[12] Death's Head was then attacked by the Mercenaries, but blew them away. Dark Angel and the Wyrd Sisters exorcised Anti-Being from Death's Head, and also removed the fragment in the process. After that, Death's Head teleported away.[13]

Mys-Tech Wars

When Death's Head's transportation energy began into drawing to another source he found himself on UnEarth infested by demons, while on the main earth demons alsi began invading it.[14] He fought the demons off, but then faced a copy of him, Antibody who was created by Mys-Tech to deal with him.[15] After defeating the copy he was then aproached by the Warheads who were also send by Mys-Tech to deal with him.[16] After solving the misunderstanding they decided to help fight off the invasion.[17] At the headquarters of Mys-Tech they, alongside Wolverine, managed to slaughter the Techno-Wizards, but since their life force were tied to the fabric of the universe, all reality began breaking apart.[18] As Dark Angel tried to temporarily hold reality together, Death's Head, along with the other heroes participating, fought the Psycho-Warriors and went to UnEarth in order to replace the six Techno-Wizards with surrogates and repair the rift, with Death's Head serving as a surrogate providing cybernetic influence. It was successful as the rift closed, and set back in time many disasters that had ocurred. Only Death's Head and the other five remembered the events.[19]

Black Axe

Death's Head took a job protecting a Hydra scientist who was researching a immortality gene on the island of Moreau Atoll. However, Black Axe was hired by Mys-Tech to kill the scientist. Upon facing each other Death's Head bested him and forced Black Axe to retreat.[20] Unbenkwost to them it was all a manipulation done by Mephisto by putting the idea of the immortality gene into the scientist's mind to amuse himself with Mys-Tech. The demon then transported Black Axe to his realm, while Death's Head followed Black Axe through the portal. When Black Axe began resisting Mephisto's powers both Black Axe and Death's Head were transported to Earth, with Death's Head finding himself in a child's buggy toy.[21]

Shadow Riders

Death's Head went after Rick Jones thinking him to be a Mick Jones whom Death's Head wanted him dead. Right as he was about to kill Rick, Vorin of the Shadow Riders came intending to recruit Rick into the Riders. Then Hulk arrived to help Rick, much to the enjoyment of Death's Head.[22]

Knights of Pendragon

Death's Head was hired by the Lemurians of Earth-313 to capture the Knights of Penfragon. Near their base in Avalon, he was able to defeat Breeze James and Adam Crown, but was subdued by Union Jack using one of Death's Head stasis devices.[23] He was then freed by another agent sent by the Lemurians, Magpie, and battled the assembled Knights, while the Lemurians arrived to help deliver the execution to the Knights.[24] However, Death's Head saw that the Knights weren't the genocidal lunatics that the Lemurians had portrayed them, and investigated further, until he found Magpie summoning the Red Lord. He tried to stop him, but it was too late as Red Lord arrived through the portal. In order to stop him, Crown lured Red Lord back to the portal, but also trapping himself in the process, while Death's Head also throwed Magpie to the portal. Afterwards, Death's Head befirended the Knights and told them to call him whenever they needed help.[25]

Creation of Die-Cut

Death's Head was also essential in the creation of Die-Cut when he released the instinct of Czorn Yson in order to survive Matricca Scoppio.[26]

Battletide II

Wanting to find his true human identity prior to becoming a cyborg, he and Tuck attacked the A.I.M.'s Data Complexes. During the fight with the Ice Borg, Killpower also joined the fight, but overheated the Ice Borg causing it to explode. Before being engulfed by the explosion, the Temploids teleported them to their location and asked them for help in defeating the reformed Battletide. They agreed to help and first battled the Hulk who was under the demon's control.[27] They then needed to overcome a Techno-Organic Virus set upon Death's Head by Bezial, a former assimilated victim of Death's Head.[28] They sought the help of Gabriel, the oldest Temploid, in order to defeat Battletide, and they faced Bezial it was revealed that Termagaira had possesed Bezial's body and destroyed Gabriel. Death's Head battled Termagaira, while Killpower rebuilded Gabriel. Death's Head was able to reassimilate Bezial and incapacitate Termagaira causing Battletide to leave Earth. After that, the heroes returned to Earth.[29]

Power Grid [31]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Minion's cybernetic body possesses a variety of superhuman attributes.

Superhuman Strength: Minion's cybernetic musculature is vastly superior to the organic muscle tissue of a human being, granting him great superhuman strength. At his peak, Minion possesses sufficient superhuman strength to lift up to 100 tons.

Superhuman Speed: In spite of his heavy cyborg body, Minion can run and move at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Stamina: Minion's cybernetic musculature does produce fatigue toxins, though considerably less than the organic musculature of a human being. This grants him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities. He can exert himself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins begins to impair him.

Superhuman Durability: Minion's bodily tissues are much harder and more resistant to physical injury than those of a normal human. Minion's musculature is composed of malleable mixture of organic tissue and high grade steel that've been secured to all anchor points by cold laser surgery. His organic components are interwoven using advanced laser technology into a body composed of a military, high grade Titanium alloy. His exterior is composed of an even more durable alloy, a multi-layered shell of Molybdenum approximately 3 inches thick. The skull armor face plate he uses is composed of machined Duralinium with a chrome veneer approximately 5 millimeters thick. Since his body is composed of all these highly durable alloys, he is highly resistant to most forms of physical injury. He can withstand powerful energy blasts, high caliber bullets, falls from tremendous heights, massive impact forces, and exposure to extremes in temperature and pressure without being injured.

Superhuman Agility: Minion's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: Minion's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.

Superhumanly Acute Senses: Minion's sight, smell, and hearing are heightened to superhuman levels of acuity. He can see with perfect clarity at much greater distances than an ordinary human. He can perfectly discern an object at 100 feet that a normal human could only see within 10 feet. His hearing is similarly enhanced, allowing him to hear further than a normal human and to detect sounds a normal human can't. Minion's sense of smell is sufficiently developed to track a target by scent with an impressive degree of success.

Cybernetic Healing Factor: Although he is highly durable, it is possible for Minion to be injured. However, he possesses a type of cybernetic healing factor that allows him to repair damaged or destroyed bodily tissues far beyond the capabilities of a human. Minion's healing factor is sufficiently developed to fully regenerate a severed limb within less than a minute.

Liquid Metal Right Arm: Minion's right arm is composed of liquid metal Molybdenum and he is able to shift his arm from its normal state into a variety of different configurations. He can shift into the form of a highly durable, razor sharp blade to a powerful high yield plasma-fusion canon. His arm's deadliest form, however, is what he refers to as the Cranial Disruption. The Cranial Disruption actually allows him to download the mind of an opponent.

  • Cybernetic Brain: Due to the Cranial Disruption, Minion currently has more than 100 different personalities downloaded into his brain. This grants him complete access to all the knowledge, experience, tactics, and combat skills of the minds of the individuals whose mind he has downloaded. It also allows him to rapidly analyze and countermeasure enemy attacks with a great degree of success.


  • Master Combatant: Minion can gain access to the accumulated knowledge of all those whose mind he has assimilated. As a result, he has shown himself to be a master tactician and skilled in multiple forms of hand to hand combat. Minion is also highly skilled and familiar with a vast array of firearm and is a highly skilled and accomplished marksman.


Though he is physically formidable, Minion is as vulnerable to telepathic assaults. At times, such assaults have caused him to lose control of the personalities housed within his brain.


Minion formerly possessed an A.I.M. time belt; though he lost this during his second trip to Lionheart, later time-traveling adventures suggest he may have replaced it.


  • Teleporter
  • He was originally from Earth-8410.
  • Blue left eye, yellow right eye.
  • While he appears to have red hair, this is actually wiring that merely resembles hair.

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