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The War Between the Three Galaxies[]

Doctor Minerva was a Kree bio-scientist subordinated to the Supreme Science Council. Obsessed with solving the genetic stagnation her species faced, she evaluated a solution in the exiled hero Captain Mar-Vell, whose altered genes were seen as a way to progress the Kree genetic code.[1] Having travelled to Earth to spy on Mar-Vell, she secretly orbited the planet in her science Starcruiser while collecting intel.[2] In order to attract his attention and force his compliance, Minerva kidnapped his sidekick Rick Jones.[3] Coming to Jones' rescue, Mar-Vell learned about Minerva's plans for him. However, her superior Phae-Dor interrupted her mission, ordering her to return to Kree-Lar with the traitor Mar-Vell captive. Doctor Minerva refused to accept the orders and was violently knocked out. Her ship was taken by Phae-Dor, who went on to attack Captain Mar-Vell by himself. At the cost of the ship, Mar-Vell fended Phae-Dor off.[1]

Having been rescued by Captain Mar-Vell, Doctor Minerva joined him in order to prevent the war between the three galaxies Phae-Dor had mentioned. Approached by the Inhumans and the Kree scientist Falzon, Doctor Minerva revealed her plans of saving the Kree from genetic stagnation to make they socially evolve past their obsession with war. This prompted Captain Mar-Vell to confront the Supreme Science Council and end their operations, which were secretly influenced by Skrulls.[4] Stranded on Earth, Doctor Minerva was joined by a fellow scholar from the Kree Science Academy, Mac-Ronn. She took the opportunity to manipulate the Accuser Ronan, who had been under Mac-Ronn's care[5] since he had had his mind erased in a previous battle with Mar-Vell.[6] Ronan was eventually restored by the Supreme Intelligence and escaped from Mac-Ronn and Minerva.[7]

Kree-Shi'ar War[]

Inspired by the local genetic variability, Doctor Minerva was able to empower herself on Earth as a champion through the Psyche-Magnitron machine. Recognizing her value, the Kree Empire commissioned the warrior Captain Atlas to partner her in her quest for glory.[8] Next, she focused on acquiring the Quantum Bands that empowered the hero Quasar. Masqueraded as humans, the two Kree agents offered a large sum of money for A.I.M. in exchange for designing replicas of the artifacts, but they failed.[9] Doctor Minerva then incapacitated Quasar herself with a Synthetic Disrupter Gun and marched with Captain Atlas away from Earth in a Starcruiser. Unable to remove the Quantum Bands from Quasar's organism, Doctor Minerva chose to sever his forearms. This caused Quasar to wake up in desperation and oppose her. Doctor Minerva and Captain Atlas were subdued by Quasar, who demanded them not to approach Earth again.[8]

Despite this threat, Doctor Minerva and Captain Atlas resurfaced on Titan to desecrate Mar-Vell's tomb, in search for his Nega-Bands. Their motivation came from the fact that the Kree were at territorial war with the Shi'ar Empire. Sensing the violation, Quasar and Starfox stopped them. However, the Shi'ar Imperial Guard intervened. During the commotion, Doctor Minerva had Captain Atlas steal the Nega-Bands. Upon their activation, Captain Atlas traded places with Rick Jones as Doctor Minerva was restrained by Quasar[10] and taken into the Avengers' custody.[11] The Shi'ar Guardsman Hobgoblin impersonated Minerva to trick Captain Atlas and secure the Nega-Bands for the Shi'ar.[12] The incident allowed the real Doctor Minerva to escape. Being praised by the Supreme Intelligence, Doctor Minerva and Captain Atlas joined the Starforce, an elite strikeforce aimed at protecting the Kree Empire from the Shi'ar and the Avengers. Their intervention restored the Intelligence's rule over the Kree and led to the arrest of the Avengers.[13]

Manipulated by Skrulls, the Shi'ar used the Nega-Bands to empower the Nega-Bomb and obliterate the Kree space territories.[14] Most of the Kree population was decimated with the detonation. The war was then revealed to have been an elaborate plan schemed by the Supreme Intelligence. Doctor Minerva and Captain Atlas were subdued by the Avengers as one of the few survivors of the massacre. As a geneticist working closely with the Intelligence, Doctor Minerva had been aware of the plan all along, supporting the trigger for the Kree evolution through its genocide. In horror, Captain Atlas was distraught with his partner. Seemingly suicidal over the revelation, he activated a self-destruct mechanism which resulted in a blast that apparently consumed himself and Doctor Minerva.[15]

In fact, Captain Atlas had bluffed, and the two teleported away under the cover of his suicide. Resurfacing on an uninhabited planet, Doctor Minerva resumed her schemes of improving the Kree race. Although Captain Atlas was somehow resentful about her actions, he still sided with her. They were found by the Silver Surfer by chance, but managed to evade him by falsely alleging they wished to cope with the Kree decimation by themselves at peace.[16] Their plans were interrupted due to Erik Josten, who attacked them through the Creatures from Kosmos, and blamed the attack on Dr. Hank Pym and Bill Foster.[17] In seek for revenge, Doctor Minerva and Captain Atlas returned to Earth to corrupt Pym's and Foster's Project B.I.G..[18]


Following the release of Terrigen on Earth's atmosphere, Inhumans started to manifest among the baseline human population.[19] At some point, Doctor Minerva ended her partnership with Captain Atlas[20] and resumed her immoral biogenetic experimentations, focusing on exploring the genetic potential of inhumanity. In New York City, she created a diversion for her lackeys to retrieve an Inhuman subject from St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital. Her resemblance with the original Ms. Marvel caught the attention of her successor, the new Ms. Marvel, who was an Inhuman herself. Ms. Marvel tackled Doctor Minerva, being joined by Spider-Man. Having weaponized the Inhuman genome, Doctor Minerva triggered a transformation on herself, becoming a monstrous creature in order to fight her enemies.[21] In an amazing team-up, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man rescued the Inhuman victim. In the end, thanks to one of her human lackeys defecting, the heroes realized Doctor Minerva's plans were not sanctioned by the Kree Empire. Spider-Man threatened to expose her, which thwarted her plans and forced her to flee.[22]

Her illegal activities caught the attention of the Kree Empire after all. Earth liaison Captain Bar-Konn provided Captain Marvel with intel that Doctor Minerva had developed another biological weapon. Captain Marvel mustered Alpha Flight to stop her, but the weapon had been already deployed, which murdered innocents. Claiming to have collected enough data, Doctor Minerva vanished.[23] This motivated Captain Marvel to convince the Inhuman clairvoyant Ulysses Cain to predict Doctor Minerva's next actions. Through Ulysses' description, Captain Marvel identified the targeted area as South Boston. Acting preventively, Captain Marvel evacuated the area and caught Minerva off guard at her cover organization Owl Robotics. With the combined might of the Ultimates and Alpha Flight, Doctor Minerva was incapacitated by Captain Marvel with zero casualties. Her weapons and research were confiscated, and she was extradited to be tried for her crimes.[24]

Falling Star[]

Having managed to escape, Doctor Minerva returned to Earth once again, wishing to genetically engineer as a stronger strain of the Kree people. Her experiments failed, except for surviving subject: the reporter named Ripley Ryan. Ryan did not develop any special abilities, so Doctor Minerva designed a plan to empower her through Captain Marvel's powers. Designing a nanotechnological virus to act as a Power Siphon,[25], Doctor Minerva sent a Kraken creature to act as a vector on New York City and infect Captain Marvel.[26]

However, Doctor Minerva's plans changed after she learned Captain Marvel was half-Kree from birth. She then revealed this information to the world, staging a public relations stunt to turn the public against Captain Marvel. Minerva expected to have Captain Marvel as an ally by getting her closer to her Kree heritage.[25] To accomplish that, she offered Captain Marvel help to deal with the recent backlash, without revealing herself as the real cause of the popularity crisis. Simultaneously, Ripley used Captain Marvel's energies to act as the hero Star in publicly combating Doctor Minerva's Krakens.[27] Enraged at the plans of recruiting Captain Marvel, Star rebelled against Doctor Minerva and nearly killed her. At this time, Captain Marvel linked the Krakens to Doctor Minerva and, when confronting her in her laboratory, found her in critical condition.[28] Rescued by Captain Marvel, Doctor Minerva was taken Tony Stark for medical treatment and revealed the truth about the recent events.[25] Captain Marvel incapacitated Star. Stark then released Doctor Minerva after she provided an antidote for the virus she had created, which Star had used to infect innocent civilians to empower herself before being defeated.[29]


Power Grid[32]
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Enhanced Kree Physiology: Doctor Minerva is a Kree scientist who, through her own volition and actions, has undergone a series of biological and genetic enhancements. On Earth, she exposed herself to the effects of the Psyche-Magnitron. As a result, her genetic structure was rebuilt and she has acquired powers similar to those that once belonged to the original Ms. Marvel.[8] Moreover, she weaponized the Inhuman biology to further alter her organism. Since then, she has demonstrated the ability to morph into a monstrous creature.[21]

  • Flight: Through the manipulation of gravitons Doctor Minerva is able to self-propel herself through the atmosphere at subsonic speed[30], Doctor Minerva can soar to the skies as a result of her enhancements.[8][13]
  • Superhuman Strength: Doctor Minerva's had enhanced physical properties, which grant her enormous strength that allows her to lift around 10 tons. She was able to confront Captain Marvel on hand-to-hand combat as an equal.[23]
  • Superhuman Durability: Her resistance to injury has been enhanced to superhuman levels.[30]
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Flash Precognition (a.k.a. "Seventh Sense"): Similarly to Carol Danvers, Doctor Minerva's psyche reacts to upcoming threats to her well-being, making her able to anticipate the events in the form of visions.[10] This ability allowed her to psychically establish a bond with her companion and lover Captain Atlas. As such, Doctor Minerva could locate his presence telepathically.[12]
  • Inhuman Genetic Makeup: Following the dissemination of Terrigen through Earth's atmosphere, the Inhuman genome in the baseline human population was activated. Doctor Minerva took the opportunity to carry out experiments and mix the Inhuman genetic makeup with her own enhanced Kree physiology.[21]
    • Transformation: Having harvested Inhuman genetic material and mixing it to her own, Doctor Minerva has been able to exponentially increase her previous power levels. The activation of the Inhuman genome triggers a transformation that transforms her into a giant dragon-like creature. Her monstrously appearance manifests fangs, claws and wings. As a result of this transformation, her strength and durability can get boosted.[22]
    • Optic Blasts: A manifestation of Doctor Minerva's Inhuman form is the ability to generate concussive power beams from her eyes. The blasts appear to have significantly destructive capacity.[22]


  • Gifted Intellect:Minerva is a gifted bio-geneticist knowledgeable in genetic engineering and procreation. She can operate sophisticated Kree technology and spaceships.[30]




She occasionally uses glove-mounted energy blasters.


Kree starship "Ramatam".


  • The name Minerva is related to the respective Roman deity. As such, Owl Robotics, the cover organization Doctor Minerva used to hide her experiments,[24] is a direct reference to the Owl of Minerva, a symbol of knowledge which is usually employed in depictions of the goddess Minerva.

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