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Minnesota Inhuman Community (Earth-616)

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Northern Minnesota

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Possibly Martin

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Hidden settlement of Inhuman-descent Humans

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This group was a community of Inhuman descendants with very little Inhuman DNA that lived in northern Minnesota, and that had tried to avoid Terrigenesis for 10,000 years.[1]

Adopting Jason

At some point, Martin and his wife adopted Jaycen, a child from another Inhuman community, rechristened Jason.[1] His father Dijyen was killed on his way back to the Mozambique-based Inhuman community of Utolan.[2]

Raising Jason was hard, as, unaware of his true lineage, he felt kind of ostracized, and pictured himself as some kind of compensation for a white guilt Martin would had.[1]

On the run from the Terrigen Cloud

After the detonation of the Terrigen Bomb and the arrival of the Terrigen Cloud upon their town, the whole community tried to run away together. Martin had a hard time convincing Jason, recalling him that no matter their blood, he was his dad.[1]

Jason finally joined them in their buses, but the Cloud kept pursuing them, changing direction as if it was aimed toward them. Running out of luck, the community found the road cut off by a torrent.[1]

Despite Raymond's want to keep on, Martin abandoned the run, accepting his fate and explaining Jason that they were "special", just like the African group he was adopted from, as the Terrigen engulfed them all.[1]


Jason was the only one to emerge from his cocoon, only to meet Lash who took him to Orollan.[1]

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