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Asterius, better known as the Minotaur, was the son of the mortal wife of King Minos of Crete and of the Cretan Bull created by Zeus.

Minotaur's powers-bestowed

  • When Dario Agger was 9 years old, his entire family was killed by pirates on their island in the Aegean Sea. He alone escaped, hiding in a nearby cave and praying for help. As the pirates found him, his prayers were answered, and before a statue of a bull, he was transformed into a Minotaur.[1]
  • Man-Bull was infused with the power of the Minotaur, leading him to believe himself the mythical creature.[2]

Minotaur-like creatures

Other creatures are more or less related to the story of The Minotaur, and were sometimes confused for him, without being actually related to him:

  • Decimus Furius was a Roman early mutant who came to be worshiped, thought to be the Minotaur.[3]
  • As his son Miklos suffered from an incurable disease, Dr. Vryolak attempted to cure his son, by finding the Labyrinth of legend (in the far Aegean), where he discovered the forgotten chemistry to create a super-race combining the power of beasts with the mind of man.[4]
  • In the Savage Land, Ka-Zar and Shanna found a room full of clear containers with tiny mystical creatures, including a Minotaur.[5]
  • Doctor Zeus' Menagerie of Myth included an artificial Minotaur.[6]

Deviants and Mutates

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( Deviant)


Groups of Minotaur-like creatures have been witnessed in some instances:

Their origins and if they are related to the Minotaur is unknown.