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While awaiting the next visit of the Celestials to Earth, the deities of the planet decided to find a way to convince the visitors that humankind was worthy of survival. Over the span of ten centuries, these deities selected twelve ordinary men and women as a sample of humanity. Each of the chosen had mastered one of humanity's greatest fields of achievement. Each of these humans was endowed with godlike powers.[1]

Mira was born is 1405 on Ruk Island, Polynesia. She was trained as a priestess. When she was 14-years old (c. 1419), she was chosen by Earth's goddesses to represent humanity as one of the Young Gods.[1] Mira has a stern, take-charge attitude which serves her well when serving as a field leader or co-leader of her group. However, said attitude tends to be seen as arrogance by her teammate Sea Witch. The latter enjoys getting "Miss High an'Mighty", as she calls Mira, soaking wet with her powers.[1]



Varua possesses great mental powers, giving her the powers of teleportation, telepathy, and flight. Varua can also generate the Blue Flame, which will merge herself and anybody she chooses into a Uni-Mind which has the combined powers of all the participants.

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