Mirage was imprisoned in Thunderbolts Mountain for violating the Superhuman Registration Act. She and her cohorts infiltrated the prison deliberately to undermine the Thunderbolts. Together, the four attempted to gain intel on the prison so that they could plan an escape. In her probing, Mirage noted that Penance was having violent episodes and the team of Thunderbolts were under extreme stress as a result. She also found Doc Samson to have an interesting mind, and tried to dig deeper into it. Samson eventually felt her probing and created a psychic backlash with his rage, painfully breaking the connection.[1]

When Bullseye began killing her allies by throwing scalpels into their heads, Mirage tried to psychically stop him, but was unable to. She died in the same manner they did.[2]


  • Telepathy, and possibly other psychic powers.


Over Tenacious. (Bullseye was able to kill her, even though it was impossible to use telepathy on Bullseye's Adamantium Skeleton.

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