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Two years ago, D-Cel was once an ordinary teenager until her mutant powers manifested while traveling with her parents. Their car was slowed down, resulting in it getting hit by a truck. Her parents were killed, and D-Cel was in a coma for three months. She denied being a mutant so she didn't have to blame herself for her parents' deaths. After being moved around between aunts and uncles for a year,[1] she ran away and became homeless. She lived with other homeless teenagers around a series of abandoned buildings in Manhattan. She often pulled pranks with her powers in order to get views on social media. She got the attention of the Juggernaut when she used his powers on him. Believing that she was a mutant, Marko looked for her, wanting to help her. After another confrontation with D-Cel, Cain figured out how D-Cel's powers worked and fought against her until she wore herself out, but he then lost control and crashed into a wall, burying himself and D-Cel under rubble. Marko managed to dig D-Cel out and took D-Cel to Bellevue Hospital to recover. He watched over, and she claimed that she wasn't a mutant.[2]

D-Cel became an ally of Juggernaut and aided him and Damage Control apprehend the Hulk in North Carolina who was feared as a threat. The Hulk was captured after getting knocked by Juggernaut once he was weakened by D-Cel's powers and Damage Control's gamma-absorbing device. The Hulk eventually escaped, and Juggernaut and D-Cel went back to New York City where Juggernaut discovered that he was being sued for $25 million by Carmine Angelo whose construction company Juggernaut bankrupted during a battle with Spider-Man. D-Cel attended the trial between Juggernaut and Angelo when the proceedings were interrupted by Quicksand. Quicksand was targeting D-Cel, knowing that she was a mutant. Quicksand was eventually subdued by D-Cel, Juggernaut, and Damage Control. The employees of Damage Control discovered that Quicksand had been mind-controlled by the Nazi scientist Arnim Zola, who was working for the company Absolution Solutions to experiment on superhuman prisoners.[3]

Juggernaut then went after Arnim Zola who was operating in a former bunker formerly used by Factor-3 in North Dakota. D-Cel and Damage Control aided Juggernaut, but when Juggernaut was captured, D-Cel went to aid to Juggernaut. However, she was also captured by Arnim Zola's shapeshifting android Primus. Knowing that D-Cel was a mutant, he was about to experiment on her when Juggernaut broke free from his prison and defeated Primus and Zola and rescued D-Cel. D-Cel wanted revenge on Zola, but because Zola was being controlled by Absolution Solutions, Juggernaut convinced D-Cel to spare Zola.[4]

Before attacking Absolution Solutions' prison for superhumans, D-Cel was forced by Juggernaut to admit that she was a mutant and explain her backstory. The next day, D-Cel and Juggernaut attacked Dungeon Max Penitentiary 25 miles away from Tucumcari, New Mexico. The pair discovered that the penitentiary was actually a front and was used simply as a place to transport prisoners to another prison called the Dungeon through the use of a teleporter. Juggernaut left D-Cel behind and went through the teleporter. D-Cel went through shortly after and rescued Juggernaut after he was immobilized. When they tried leaving, they discovered that the Dungeon was actually a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier that was converted into a prison. To prevent D-Cel from being detained and experimented on, Juggernaut convinced her to reveal her mutant status and ask for asylum on Krakoa. Juggernaut later arranged to have D-Cel move to Krakoa.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Kinetic Energy Dilution: D-Cel has the ability to slow the kinetic motion of physical objects, including living beings. She for example can force an elevator to take an hour to reach the first floor and make confetti take five hours to fall to the ground.[2] She has also used this ability to slow herself down while falling from a great height.[4]

  • Telepathic Resistance: A side effect of D-Cel's powers is a high resistance to telepathy.[1]


D-Cel can tire herself out if she ever overexerts herself when using her powers.[2] She also has trouble focusing her powers when under duress.[4]



A smartphone, sunglasses created by Damage Control that allows her to record and broadcast video[4]


  • D-Cel is a frequent user of the video platform YouRoxx.[2]
  • D-Cel is apparently a fan of the novel Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles as she wore a T-shirt with the novel's name emblazoned on it.[5]
  • D-Cel has denied being a mutant many times, while various tests done by Damage Control and Arnim Zola have stated otherwise.[5] It was later revealed that she is indeed a mutant but refused to accept it due to the fact that when her powers activated, they caused an accident that resulted in her parents' death.[1]

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