Miranda Pritchett appeared to have been in a romantic relationship with Steven Rogers, though she apparently did not know his secret identity of Captain America. Jessica Jones was hired by a woman posing as her sister who claimed that she was very worried about Miranda. The woman claimed that since getting involved with a new boyfriend, she had been making many radical life changes such as moving apartments and quitting her job. She hired Jessica to find her sister, stating that she just wanted to know that she was OK. Jessica agreed to take on the case and staked out Jessica's new apartment, taking video of her and her new boyfriend in the process. When the boyfriend received a message on his pager and suddenly left Miranda's apartment, Jessica videotaped him changing into his secret identity on the rooftop.[1]

After making this realization, Jessica became very skeptical of the motives of Miranda's "sister" and discovered that the phone number that she had been given by her was currently disconnected. Similarly, the address provided was a commercial storefront for a baby clothes store. Upon returning to Miranda's apartment building she found the police already there, having received an anonymous tip that a woman had been strangled to death. The woman was Miranda Pritchett and the police soon received another anonymous tip which implicated Jessica in her death. As a result, Jessica was taken in for questioning about her knowledge of Miranda's death.[2]

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