Miranda Wilson was an attractive, red-haired actress who played the leading role in a film for which Quentin Beck was part of a special effects team. While a scene was being filmed on the Brooklyn Bridge, a special effect got out of control, causing a helicopter to become damaged and crash on top of Miranda's car. Beck was webbed up by Spider-Man and sent to prison, while Miranda went missing.

During the incident, Miranda weakly fell off the Brooklyn Bridge into the water below. Upon making it to shore, Miranda saw in the reflection of the tide that she was left horrendously scarred on one side of her face after the incident. She entered the catacombs underneath Wonder Studios to hide her face where she succumbed to her untreated injuries and began to die. However, she was found by Beck (who had become Mysterio by this point) and wired Miranda to a life support system in order to save her life while converting her to a cyborg.

As a result of Miranda's apparent disappearance, Mary Jane Watson was cast in the leading role for the rest of the movie. Meanwhile, Quentin and Miranda created a device which Miranda could use to eventually swap bodies with Mary Jane, who strongly resembled her in appearance. Miranda was stationed in the catacombs of Wonder Studios, where Mary Jane was to be filmed. As Mysterio, Beck lured Mary Jane into the catacombs, where she was captured by Miranda. However, Mysterio revealed to Miranda that the machine was secretly never designed to work, since swapping bodies with Mary Jane would be a scientific impossibility. Quentin lied because "wishing for this day was the only thing that kept [her] alive". He claimed that he had fallen in love with her, and wanted to be with her just the way she was. Miranda agreed to let Mary Jane go, but this caused the energy source for the complex to overload and explode. As the building began to explode, Spider-Man saved Mary Jane from the complex, but Miranda was unable to leave due to her life support system, even if she wanted to since there's nothing left for her. Quentin stayed with Miranda and the two perished in the explosion.[1]


Forced to remain connected to a life-support system to remain alive.

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