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Meriem Drew was the wife of arthropod research scientist Jonathon Drew. Jonathon and his business partner Herbert Wyndham wanted to conduct their experiments in a place of isolation. Meriem had recently inherited a tract of land in Transia, on Wundagore Mountain, and so the Drews and Wyndham relocated to the area.[1][3]

Drew and Wyndham discovered uranium on the mountain, and began mining the precious ore to fund their research further. However, the radiation eventually began affecting little Jessica, who fell ill with radiation poisoning. Jonathon injected Jessica with a serum of spider extract he had cultivated for radiation poisoning treatment, but it was ineffective without a proper incubation period. Wyndham offered his genetic accelerator and hibernation equipment to further Jessica's treatment, but Meriem was distressed at her daughter being used as another experiment. She went for a walk on the hills, but fell victim to Baron Russoff. Their neighbor was a werewolf who prowled Wundagore at night, and the feral Russoff attacked and killed Miriam during his transformation. [4][5]

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