Miriam Fry was the strict supervisor of the Griffith Boarding House in the 1940s. As the boarding house was exclusive to working women, Miriam did not allow any men past the first floor, even throwing out one of her tenants after the girl's boyfriend climbed into her apartment at night.[1] Peggy Carter had to pass an interview with Miriam before she was allowed to move into the boarding house.[2]

Miriam later caught Peggy in the laundry room during the early morning and suspected that she had a man hiding in the dumbwaiter. After escorting Peggy to her room, Miriam had her check the dumbwaiter, only to find a dufflebag inside.[3]

When SSR agents arrived at the Griffith, they forced their way past Miriam, who futilely attempted to uphold her rules. She followed them up to Peggy's room and was more appalled to see that Peggy had put a hole in her wall than her tenant pulling a disappearing act. Peggy was subsequently captured and Miriam watched along with her tenants as she was taken away.[4]

  • When Peggy brought Howard Stark to the Griffith to hide him from the SSR, he asked how Miriam was, indicating Stark had visited the Griffith various times in the past to "spend time" with its residents, evidenced by Stark's multiple run-ins with Peggy's neighbors.[3]

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