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Miriam Sharpe was the mother of Damien Sharpe, one of the kids that died in the explosion caused by Nitro and the New Warriors in Stamford that killed more than 600 people.[1]

After the death of her son, Ms. Sharpe became very vocal about heroes needing proper training and accountability. During a Washington debate about the Superhuman Registration Law, Ms. Sharpe slapped Tony Stark, who was initially against the law passing, and gave him Damien's favorite toy, an Iron Man action figure. This was the turning point of Tony Stark's view about the Registration policy.[2]

From that point she became a fiery advocate of Iron Man's point of view during the Superhuman Civil War, helping him during interviews and badmouthing Steve Rogers and his Secret Avengers. At the same time, she opened Damien's Gift, a non-profit organization that helped the people who lost their loved ones during superhumans' fights.[3]

When the Registration Policy fell down after the Siege of Asgard, she kept working against superheroes' actions. But her point of view changed during the invasion of the Serpent and the Worthy, when she saw that mankind needed heroes, but also needed to do things for themselves without waiting for the help of superhumans. She also forgave Speedball after he helped Stamford survive the War of the Serpent.[4]

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