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The Mirror Dimension is a parallel dimension that mimics Earth's plane of existence. It is complete with the same surroundings and inhabitants, but its visual appearance is distorted like fractured mirror. Accessible only by users of magic, sorcerers use the Mirror Dimension as a reconnaissance platform and a teaching aid for magic practitioners, since it can be reshaped and manipulated freely without fear of adversely affecting the natural order of the world.[1]

Dr. Stephen Strange learned to access and manipulate the Mirror Dimension during his sorcery training at Kamar-Taj. He used this ability in his subsequent battles with Kaecilius.[1]

During his battle with Thanos on Titan, Dr. Strange summoned the Mirror Dimension as a barrier against his opponent's attacks, attempting to turn them back on Thanos.[2]


  • Those who channel extradimensional power from the Dark Dimension have been stated to be more powerful in the Mirror Dimension.[1]

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