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Mirror Girl was recruited by Zeitgeist to join his new group the X-Cellent. She was sent with the others to the residence of Micky Holloran in order to find Katie Sawyer who was Holloran's girlfriend. Not knowing where she was, Mirror Girl left with the team after they threatened Holloran if he didn't arrange another meeting with Katie.

Mirror Girl and X-Cellent attacked once again by blowing a hole through Micky's wall. As they approached Katie, Dead Girl appeared and tried to motivate Katie to teleport Micky and herself out of there to seek medical attention. But Mirror Girl was able to distract Katie with her abilities. She created a watery mirror showing Katie's reflection of following in her mother's footsteps but Dead Girl interrupted as Katie claimed she wasn't her mother.

Mirror Girl vs Phatty

Back at their Death Valley headquarters, Mirror Girl stood by as Zeitgeist tried to convince Katie to join them as they were in need of a teleporter who could reassemble the body of Venus Dee Milo. Refusing to aid them, Katie was tortured by Cluney until X-Statix arrived on the scene to intervene.

Mirror Girl faced off against Phatty by showing her a image of herself as being skinny which through off Phatty's concentration during the fight. Katie was then released from her confinement and used a last ditch attempt to teleport X-Statix away from there leaving Mirror Girl and the others behind.[1]

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