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Mirwood is a planet in the Microverse, within the Sub-Atomica cluster of worlds.[3]

Doom's Rule

Doctor Doom as the ruler of Mirwood

Following a battle against the Fantastic Four,[4] Doctor Doom ended up on Mirwood. Using his knowledge of science, Doom gained the favor of the King and Princess Pearla. In his new position as chief scientist, Doom constructed a shrink ray, which he used to shrink the King and Princess.

Doom lured the Fantastic Four to Mirwood and captured them, with the intent to sell them as slaves to Mirwood's enemies: the Lizard Men of the planet Tok. With the help of Ant-Man, the Fantastic Four overthrew Doom and restored the King and Pearla to the throne.[2]

Treaty with Tok

Zorak, leader of the Lizard Men, vowed to invade Mirwood if Pearla could not produce a champion to best him in combat. Pearla, now Queen, enlisted the Thing to serve as her champion. However, Pearla secretly planned to use her armada to destroy Tok while using the contest as a cover. The Thing, with assistance from Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man, managed to defeat Zorak and foil Pearla's plans. The heroes then forced Pearla and Zorak to sign a peace treaty ending any further hostilities.[5]

Invaded by the Psycho-Man

Psycho-Man invades Mirwood

The treaty lead to a period of stability for Mirwood. This was cut short by the invasion of the Psycho-Man, who conquered the planet within hours of his arrival. Pearla managed to avoid his influence due to the the her headband, which was comprised of a unique metallic ore that blocked Psycho-Man's influence. Psycho-Man ordered the Mines of Nuvidia to be reopened in an effort to find the ore and either destroy it, or discover a way of counteracting it. The Psycho-Man was eventually overthrown by the Fantastic Four, who came to Mirwood in pursuit of him.[6]

Psycho-Man again conquered Mirwood as part of a complex plot to get revenge on the Fantastic Four. He was once again defeated by the Four.[7]

Any subsequent events that occurred on Mirwood are unknown.

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