Mischa Kepikoff was a secret service agent, who was assigned with the mission, to find out X-5's identity. His plan was to go to Russian restaurants, and tell some of the waiters that he loves his country, because X-5 was currently undercover as a Russian. One of the waiters, Serge Ospensko, then introduced him to Vasili Zaroff, X-5's identity. Vasili proceeded to ask him some questions, which Kepikoff answered with wrong informations. After X-5 left, one of the costumers, named Alexei, then gave him his adress. When Mischa arrived at X-5's house and tried to break the safe to get X-5's identity, Serge Ospensko appeared out of nowhere and tried to overpower him. That didn't worked, because Mischa stabbed him to death. Mischa returned to Washington, to meet his colleague Ivanoff. Mischa told him his story, and was near the end, when suddenly an unknwon person stabbed him in the back.[1]

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