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The Toad, after a final rejection from his former master, Magneto, attempted suicide. Spider-Man saved him. The Toad then transferred his allegiance to Parker, going so far as to stage an assault on Parker so that he could play hero. In the ensuing chaos, two would-be wannabe heroes, Frog-Man (son of Leap-Frog) and Spider-Boy came to Parker's aid to prove that they could become Spidey's sidekicks. Toad, Frog-Man and Spider-Boy realized that they had more in common with each other than with Parker, so they formed a group.[1]

The three never appeared together again, so either the team broke up soon after it formed, or their adventures are yet untold.


Buford Hollis, Charles Chandler, Doreen Green, Eugene Patilio, Misfits (Earth-616) from Marvel Age Vol 1 124

The X-cellent Misfits.

  • Another team announced as "the X-cellent Misfits" appeared in Marvel Age #124, but they never reached their own first appearance (scheduled for April 19th, 1993). The image was intended as an April Fool's joke.[2]

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