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Miss Coriander was hired to be the personal assistant to Arcade. Little is known about her past, but she appears to be trained in combat and engineering. At his request, Miss Coriander attacked Arcade on his birthday, and after catching him off guard she put him into intensive care. She was then fired and given Arcade's personal island near Barbados, which she renamed Coriander Island.[1]

Miss Coriander

Months later Arcade hired Miss Coriander again this time to help him design his new Murderworld. Miss Coriander over saw the construction of Arcade's new Murderworld in Antarctica using cybernetics, hard light projections, force-fields, and nanite-rich oxygen. Additionally, she equipped Arcade with control over almost every aspect of the new Murderworld providing the illusion of superpowers.[1]

Despite Arcade attempting to murder her,[1] Miss Coriander has continued to work with Arcade in the development of the Massacrer Casino in Bagalia.[2] Miss Coriander later joins the Masters of Evil.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Super-Genius Intelligence: Coriander is an genius level inventor and experimenter. She developed the latest technological designs of Arcade's latest iteration of Murderworld, one where he was in complete control over the environment.[1]

Engineering Specialist: She has an incredible expertise in designing and crafting incredibly intricate mechanical designs specializing in a host of different fields of physics and robotics. Such as hard-light photo imaging, biomechatronics, ergomechatronics and nanorobotic's; all of which she enabled her employer power enough to run and utilized his latest death game arena.[1][4]

Master Inventor: Miss Coriander has an avid understanding of mechanical design having constructed complex schematic builds for Arcade and the Masters of Evil.[3] Such as designing the makeshift synthetic gynoid of Arcade, fabricating untraceable teleportation hubs that could baffle Pym and Stark, creating a programmable microtech based God Mode for her former employer. All of which had impressed Helmut Zemo enough to offer her a job as the Masters tech genius.[3]

Weapons Expert: Also an especially talented arms specialist ranging from melee armaments to high tech weaponry. Showing some skill with a sword, flamethrower, battle rifle and arc volt gun.[1][2]


  • Miss Coriander is very similar in look and function to Arcade's former assistant Miss Locke.

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