Miss Mech is an aspiring super heroine, who spent most of her days Watching anime. Her favorite anime featured Kaiju/Mecha battle flicks, around the time when the Terrigen Cloud was dispersed over New York. While Kid Kaiju and Moongirl were at Central Park, Manhattan with their respective parents for a meet and greet between their respective Kaiju Compatriots.

She went on the attack path using her NuHuman abilities to conjure giant robots to attack them with. Under the misguided pretense that giant monsters were often villains by any other name, with some quick thinking between Kei and Lunella, the two managed to corral their respective titans towards the mecha suit she was piloting.[1] After Kei managed to talk her down, putting an end to all the mayhem, she admitted to her faults and relented. Having only wanted to be a hero like her idols Moongirl and Ms. Marvel, feeling a kindred spirit within her. Kei befriended Miss Mech opting to help her along the path of heroism like Ms. Lafayette and others had done for him.[1]

Sheltered and naive, Miss Mech has a somewhat extreme right wing sense of right and wrong gleaned from various social media. She also tends to speak in a pulp 80's comic book hero tone.


Nuhuman Physiology: Miss Mech is a human who possessed underlying Inhuman genetics, turning her into a Nuhuman upon exposure to the Terrigen Bomb's mist cloud which blanketed the Earth.[1]

  • Giant Mech Manipulation: Mech's power which was activated upon exposure to the T-Cloud roving across the globe, allows her to Technoform giant robots out of random mechanical bits and pieces within the surrounding area. None of which requiring electrical currents nor internal computational processors to function properly, her making them work simply because she wanted them too.
  • Technological Telekinesis: Miss Mech can take most any kind of automated components within close proximity to her person and remotely animate them to act and move on her behalf. Be it as a complete machine or in their individual parts right down to the tiniest nit and/or bolt.

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