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19th Century

During the American Civil War, gold collected in New Orleans for the Union Army was shipped along the Mississippi River aboard the steamboat Ghost Witch. The ship a botched attempt by Rindingo Jones caused the ship to sink. The gold was lost, and their incident became part of local folklore.[1]

20th Century

In 1942, the Sub-Mariner uncovered a plot by the grandson of Rindingo Jones to try and recover the long lost gold, who was not above murder to recover the gold. The Sub-Mariner captured Rindingo and sending the gold back down to the floor of the Mississippi.[1] By 1944, the United States military built a prisoner of war camp along the Mississippi River to place Nazi war criminals. Nazi operative Fritz von Arnheim attempted to break out his fellow comrades but he was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro.[2] In 1946 the Mississippi River was terrorized by the pirate known as the Black Phantom until he was stopped by the Sub-Mariner.[3]

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