Mister Abnormal was a man who collected everything he could. He broke into an action-figure production plant one day to get some figures before they were released, and came into contact with a strange chemical, imbibing him with abilities similar to Mister Fantastic. With his new-found abilities, he took to a life of petty crime, stealing comic books and comic-related merchandise before being stopped by the combined forces of Spider-Girl and Speedball.

After being defeated by the duo, Mr. Abnormal was shortly after recruited into Funny Face's villainous Savage Six, only to be easily defeated by Spider-Girl and imprisoned. Mr. Abnormal was soon after drafted into the Redeemer program by Agent Weadon. Assigned to a SHIELD transport mission to protect 'Specimen 297', Mr. Abnormal was beaten by the Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, who was working to undermine the operation. Following this defeat, Mr. Abnormal (along with the rest of Weadon's team) were temporarily reassigned under Maria Hill's command and sent to bring in Spider-Girl for her involvement in the release of 'Specimen 297'. Finding themselves in a three-way battle with Carnage and Spider-Girl, Mr. Abnormal, Earthshaker, and Killerwatt were easily defeated by Carnage.


Can stretch his body.[citation needed]

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