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During the Cotati's invasion of Earth, Tony Stark secluded himself at Avengers Mountain to work on countermeasures against the Cotati's plant-controlling powers.[1] The end result as an Iron Man-like suit of armor that he designed for Mister Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four.[2]

Mister Fantastic donned the armor for the final confrontation against the Cotati's leader Quoi in Wakanda, where he planned to plant a seed for a Death Blossom in the Vibranium-enriched soil of the Great Mound.[3] Mister Fantastic joined the fight against Quoi minutes before the Death Blossom flowered, resulting in a fight that saw the destruction of the Death Blossom and the defeat of the Cotati.[4]

Following the Cotati's invasion, Mister Fantastic intended to set his armor aside as a Christmas gift for his son Franklin. When the abstract entity known as the Griever at the End of All Things returned and attacked the Fantastic Four, Reed gave Franklin the suit as part of a plan to defeat their enemy. Franklin remotely piloted the suit to confront the Griever, luring her into 4 Yancy Street. Reed then collapsed the different pocket dimensions within the building, causing it to fold into itself in, an attempt to trap the Griever.[5] While the building was subsequently restored, Reed didn't manage to restore every dimension that had been folded into the building, causing the loss of a portion of the team's equipment and belongings.[6] Whether Mister Fantastic's armor was one of the pieces of equipment lost or not is unknown.



This suit appears to possess the standard abilities of a regular Iron Man Armor, including flight and increased durability. The armor was also designed to conform to Mister Fantastic's elastic powers, and its main feature is the ability to emit through its gauntlets sonic frequencies capable of disrupting the Cotati's communication with plants based on principles of bioacoustics.[4] The suit can also be piloted remotely via a VR headset and control console.[5]

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