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Mr. Nobody is a normal man wearing a high-tech suit that allows him to teleport. He works for the Kingpin of crime. In his first appearance, he was seen stalking Peter Parker, but his plans failed when the new Spider-Girl intervened. He used his teleportation abilities, but Spider-Girl proved too much for him. He escaped. From time to time, Mr. Nobody visited the Kingpin in jail, making him aware of the crimes being committed in the city. Mr. Nobody once tried to break Crazy Eight out of prison, only to be stopped by Spider-Girl. They both tried to fight her but lost after Spider-Man himself helped his daughter.[citation needed]

Later, Mr. Nobody allied with Crazy Eight to fight for Kingpin to restore his glory in a crime-war with rival crime-lord, Canis. Things did not go according to plan when Spider-Girl, the 'new' Spider-Man, and Crazy Eight's brother, Funny Face (working for Canis) became involved in a battle, during which Mr. Nobody shot Crazy Eight. Funny Face's ensuing rampage led to both crime-lords losing millions, causing Kingpin to fire Mr. Nobody, leaving him wide open to be captured by Darkdevil, the 'new' Spider-Man and the original Spider-Man.[citation needed]

Mr. Nobody next showed up during 'Marked for Death,' apparently reformed and working with Special Agent Arthur Weadon's team of former criminals seeking redemption. However, it was eventually revealed that Mr. Nobody had in fact gone rogue, instead of working for Canis. Using his powers, he planted bombs to kill many of New York's crime bosses, including his previous employer, the Kingpin. He was finally defeated by Spider-Girl and was last seen in the custody of Agent Weadon.[citation needed]



High-tech teleportation suit that also provides limited intangibility.


Gas grenades, two sub-machine guns, bombs

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