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A vigilante who despises corporations and the corrupt, especially those who disregard the safety and well-being of the working-class. He gunned down the entire Board of Directors of the World-Wide Investment Corporation and a wealthy banker who criticized Payback during a live TV news interview.[1] Payback is highly intelligent: he deduced the location of Elite's neighborhood and found Elite gunning down a marijuana dealer. Payback convinced Elite to join him, and the duo stumbled across The Holy, forming the Vigilante Squad.[2]

Just as the Vigilante Squad decided that they needed the Punisher to lead them, the topic of discussion himself stormed into the room. An awed Mr. Payback told the Punisher that he was their inspiration. After insulting The Holy and Elite, the Punisher informed Payback that he had killed 6 innocent people during his quest for justice, to which Payback responded that, "there have to be sacrifices in war". After Payback gave the wrong answer, the Punisher pulled out his trademark Uzi and prepared to gun down the trio, who pleaded with the Punisher to reconsider their offer. Mr. Payback, along with the rest of the Vigilante Squad, died seconds later.[3]

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