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Mistress Love is the physical embodiment of love. Her gender and appearance are mutable. Her male aspect was once coveted by the Enchantress.[1]

She and Sire Hate frequently appear in meetings of the cosmic beings of the universe.[2] They once empowered an agent together, creating the powerful Avatar.[3]


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One of the universe's most powerful entities, Mistress Love can control emotions related to love in any being, even on a universal scale. An abstract being, Mistress Love adopts M-Bodies to interact with others. Not truly a "mistress," she appears in any form or sex, frequently reflecting the desires of those who see her. To confront Thanos, she chose a very feminine form; to Quasar, she appeared as his then-girlfriend, Kayla Ballantine; to the Enchantress, Mistress Love was a radiant male deity. Mistress Love can manipulate cosmic force, but prefers to act more peacefully.[4] Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, ranked Mistress Love at the same level of power as Master Order, Lord Chaos, and Sire Hate, she is well above Galactus, One Above All (Celestial), Kronos, Odin, Zeus, and Stranger, but well below Eternity and Infinity, who in turn are well below Living Tribunal.[5]

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