Elsa was known as "Berlin's Mistress of Death", a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. In 1944 she and her minions were stationed in New York City. A Nazi operative in Lisbon smuggled secret information pertaining to ship roots on the dog tags of merchant sailors who were returning home from duty. Elsas then seduced these men into dating her and after their dates, they would be murdered by her minions who then stole the dog tags and deciphered the hidden messages.

When they carried out this routine, murdering a sailor named Tommy, Elsa's screams alerted the passing Human Torch and Toro who determined that Tommy's dog tags were stolen. When questioning Elsa, she claimed to have not seen Tommy's attackers because her fence obscured the view. However, the Torch and Toro later deduced this to be a lie and went back to question Elsa some more.

By this time, Elsa and her men were prepared for the two flaming heroes. Dousing their flames, they trapped the Torch and Toro in glass coffins. Elsa explained the extent of their operation and then brought the two heroes to the East River where their bodies were to be dumped. However, the Torch and Toro super-heated the glass of the coffins causing them to shatter upon impact with the cold water. Elsa and her men attempted to escape, but their car was forced off the Brooklyn Bridge, sending them to the same drowning fate they intended for the two heroes.[1]


Elsa had access to air tight glass coffins and chemical sprays that could douse flames.

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