Quote1 Vapors of Valtorr -- Swirl 'round thy brow! May the Moon's Mists of Morpheus envelop thee now! Quote2
-- Doctor Strange src


The Mists of Morpheus was a spell that conjures a haze that causes deep sleep.[1][7]


Doctor Strange has commonly used a combination of Mists of Morpheus and Vapors of Valtorr to cause sleep in others.[1][2]

As part of his plan to take over Asgard, Loki kidnapped Odin during his Odinsleep and cast the Mists of Morpheus to keep him in an eternal sleep. Fortunately, the Warriors Three were able to rescue Odin.[7]

When breaking into the lair of Shialmar the Shadowqueen, Doctor Strange used the Mists of Morpheus to put her guards to sleep.[6]

When the students of Norcross University were possessed by Ikkon, Doctor Strange used the Bolts of Bedevilment as a distraction while casting the Mists of Morpheus to subdue the crowd.[8]

To free Brother Voodoo from the possession of Damballah, Doctor Strange first put Brother Voodoo under the Spell of Morpheus before using the Eye of Agamotto to cleanse him.[3]

After battling a possessed Morgana Blessing, Doctor Strange used the Mists of Morpheus to calm her mind and grant her sleep to recover.[9]

While traveling through time, Doctor Strange was cornered by some feral dogs in a small village. Strange combine the Mists of Morpheus with those of Raggadorr and the Norns to force them to sleep.[10]

When attacked by a mob under the control of Dracula, Doctor Strange teamed-up the Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel. To subdue the crowd, Strange cast the Mists of Morpheus.[11]

When confronting the Darkholders, Doctor Strange used the Bolts of Bedevilment with Morphean Sleep to stun his attackers.[5]

When ambushed by the Black Knight, Doctor Strange employed the Spell of Morpheus to subdue him.[4]


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