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Quote1.png Vapors of Valtorr -- Swirl 'round thy brow! May the Moon's Mists of Morpheus envelop thee now! Quote2.png
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The Mists of Morpheus was a spell that conjures a haze that causes deep sleep.[1][7]


Doctor Strange has commonly used a combination of Mists of Morpheus and Vapors of Valtorr to cause sleep in others.[1][2]

As part of his plan to take over Asgard; Loki kidnapped Odin during his Odinsleep and cast the Mists of Morpheus to keep him in an eternal sleep. Fortunately, the Warriors Three were able to rescue Odin.[7]

When breaking into the lair of Shialmar the Shadowqueen, Doctor Strange used the Mists of Morpheus to put her guards to sleep.[6]

When the students of Norcross University were possessed by Ikkon, Doctor Strange used the Bolts of Bedevilment as a distraction while casting the Mists of Morpheus to subdue the crowd.[8]

To free Brother Voodoo from the possession of Damballah, Doctor Strange first put Brother Voodoo under the Spell of Morpheus before using the Eye of Agamotto to cleanse him.[3]

After battling a possessed Morgana Blessing, Doctor Strange used the Mists of Morpheus to calm her mind and grant her sleep to recover.[9]

While traveling through time, Doctor Strange was cornered by some feral dogs in a small village. Strange combine the Mists of Morpheus with those of Raggadorr and the Norns to force them to sleep.[10]

When attacked by a mob under the control of Dracula, Doctor Strange teamed-up the Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel. To subdue the crowd, Strange cast the Mists of Morpheus.[11]

When confronting the Darkholders, Doctor Strange used the Bolts of Bedevilment with Morphean Sleep to stun his attackers.[5]

When ambushed by the Black Knight, Doctor Strange employed the Spell of Morpheus to subdue him.[4]


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