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Quote1.png By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr! By the power of dark and gloom--Let the Mystic Mists of Munnopor send you demons to their doom! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange[src]

The Mystic Mists of Munnopor was a spell that conjures a mystical haze to impede opponents.[2][1][4]


While battling demon minions of Umar the Unrelenting, Doctor Strange cast the Mystic Mists of Munnopor to make their wings heavy as lead and causing them to plummet from the sky.[2]

During a sorcerers battle between Doctor Strange and Cyrus Black, Black cast the All-Enveloping Mists of Munnopor at Doctor Strange after Strange imprisoned the Vipers of Valtorr in the Crimson Crystals of Cyttorak. The mists were almost successful in choking Doctor Strange.[1]

When Umar the Unrelenting create a dragon from seafoam to attack Doctor Strange, Strange used the Mist of Munnopor to hide the nearby ships from the monster.[5]

When battling Mys-Tech in the Sanctum Sanctorum, Mister Rasputin cast the Mists of Munnopor to allow him, Agent Coulson and Spider-Man a chance to escape.[4]

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